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Auntie's help Chapter 4: Mall Experience

Auntie's Help

Ch3 - Mall Experience

Months passed one after another. And Stephen started to be used to all of those new things in his life: the therapy sessions with his aunt, the strange vitamin pills she gave him, the tapes on the ipod that he always listened before going to bed, his new room, the continue rules of the aunt, and above all: the loneliness. With the hypnosis, session by session, he started to feel more and more comfortable with that new life, kinda enjoying some times; almost without being aware of all the little changes he was going through. But Even though he has spent several months of his new life, he barely knew other people except for his aunt, who claimed to be also his "friend". But that wasn't enough and he was counting the days to the new school start, even with a little fear for what the classmates were going to think about him.

It was the late morning when finally he woke up, after taking few minutes to put in order "his" room, made his bed gently stroking the pink silk sheets as Aunt Kat has taught him; He went to the bathroom for a shower. 

Without think so much, instinctively, he took all of Chloe's bath products. For first he used a pink bottle of a vanilla perfumed shampoo on his silky blonde hair. For some reason he absolutely enjoyed that scent, keeping his eyes closed he felt the warm water running on his skinny body. With a pleased moan he took the next bottle, filling his skin with that dense liquid. After some minutes of pure pleasure, with an erection, he came out of the shower. And after he has dried his body and his longysh hair, in a brief moment he realize what he has just done. His hair was already dye blond with a pixie-like cut, now they were silky and smooth, he smelled like a girl and moreover his body was hairless from his eyes down!! With his heart beating crazy, he ran again into the shower: the bubble bath was actually an hair removal scented product! Again at the mirror he took another look at himself, with embarassment he admitted that he look....well, pretty, cute in more than one way. Still a boy, but an androgynous, delicate and feminine one. But he couldn't stop himself...the feminine perfume was insistently in his nose, his naughty wisp was tickling his forehead...the sweet sensation of his hairless thigs rubbing each other; everything felt so nice and weird. Just like in his strange dream.

With a little blush on his cheeks, he use his i-phone to take a few selfie of himself at the mirror. This only stupid thing made him so weird and embarrassed in that situation. Stephen has always thought at the selfies as a stupid kids thing, or girls at least. But in that moment he needed these, he needed to see himself in a mirror, to pose like a silly girly teen, smiling and trying on several different clothes. His little hand started to stroke his silky body...moving toward his pelvis...

*knock knock knock*

"Steph?! are you there? We have to go to the mall, remember?"
Aunt Kat said, knocking at the door

"Ah...yeah, like...I'm almost ready, Aunt!"

"Don't waste too time! You really need a new wardrobe before school starts, It's rather cold here!

"I know aunt...just..I'm coming, wait me downstairs!"

After Aunt Kaitlin left, Stephen took a deep breathe...
What the hell was he doing before?!
There was something wrong in him, or at least he felt like this.


" seems like someone has developed a good taste about perfumes here!"
Aunt kat said with a little smile, while she was driving to the mall

"what?! Oh...well, no know, the shower...I..I just.."

"you've finally discovered the Chloe's stock ehehe he has had always kind of obsession for those things, you have a great taste, just like her!"

" was just there....and without a thought I took her things and..."

"So what about your skin?"

He suddenly looked at his hairless skinny arms, blushing and lowering his gaze
"I.. thought it was...a normal bubblebath..."

"Steph, honey, you don't have to justify yourself with me. There's nothing wrong to want to be a little bit more pretty afterall"

"..." Stephen was just too embarassed

"I bet you feel yourself more confortable now, and you like your scent. We can also buy some products and things for your own, now"

"I'm not so sure....Aunt"

"aww just don't think about it, I'm here to help you, we're a family now, remember honey?"

"yes aunt...thank you"


At the mall they went for first in several teen clothing shops, there Aunt Kat always advised Stephen about what style would fit him better. For some weird reason He wasn't able to argue or to be in disagree with the aunt's choices. He just accepted what she said and what she wanted him to wear. All of those outfit were rather androgynous, not really feminine but surely tight and stylish much more than normal boys clothing. After that, leaving the shop they passed near to one "Forever 21" shop.

"Aww lovely memories here! It was the Chloe's favourite shop, so many time I came here to buy gift and things for her, come on let's take a look here!"
She said, holding his hand, leading him at the store

After almost 20 minutes there, it was clearly that they were in an only-girls clothing store
"Ohh...I've forgot to go to Sephora, I need some things from there. Meanwhile wait me here, hun, and take a look"
Aunt Kat said, and after a brief kiss on his cheek she went.

Rubbing his cheek with an hand, Stephen started to wondering why his aunt was so kind with him that day. Thought about it for a minute and he realized that he had no wrangle with his aunt from a long time...that was weird.

"Found something cute for you?"

Confused, Stephen upped his eyes to see a pretty sales girl, looking at him with an interrogative expression

"You seem doubtful, may I help you with those leggins?"

He realized that he was in front of a leggins/skinny pants rack

"Yeah! Or maybe you prefere skinny jeans...but with your legs...well, I advice you leggins eheh"

" thanks..I'm not used to wear those, and I've had enough shopping for today..." He replied with his cheek blushing fire red

"You're kidding? Never used a leggins with your could be a model, let me help you, I've the perfect outfit for you"

"I don't know.."

"Trust me, I'll make you stunning as hell!"

"I...I'm n..."
Stephen tried hard to say something, to oppose himself...
But he was only able to say:
", ok, just only one try...but nothing know...too girly.."

"ooh no problem, it's called "metrosexual", nothing too extreme, just more stylish for a beauty like you! So let's start with.....




After some minute, Stephen was standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room.
He has never been more embarassed, and excited,that in that moment. At least he worn still his old all-star shoes, and fortunately he he managed to convince the sales girl to try on only a little bit skinny jeans...not a leggins. But looking at himself in the mirror...everything screamed feminine, girly, gay and stuff. His outfit included: a pure white long top, pretty tight to be honest; a short decorated leather jacket that has no zip, only several buttons with an only decorative purpose, the jacket sleeves ends almost at his elbows...leaving free his delicate and hairless arms. As accessories he worn long black necklace that showed up on his white top/shirt; a little and simple bracelet on his right wrist; several decorated and pretty feminine rings on his both hands fingers, and finally a little black girly bag decorated with tiny studs.

"Ehm...are you ready? There's your mother here"

"Steph, honey, come on, show me what you have found here, then we're ready to go"

Oh my god...ho my god....that's, that's a nightmare!! Stephen thought while he started to exit from the dressing room on his trembling legs.

After an incredibly long moment of silence, Stephen said

"so, do I look...?"
while, strangely, his voice seemed a little bit more acute and high
"My god, Steph! I'm so proud of look incredible!"
Aunt Kat almost screamed, holding him in a warm hug

" think so...aunt?"

"Sure I do!! I've told you thousand times to put away those orrible baggy clothes of yours...and now you're ready to be perfect...stylish!"

"I agree, much better now!"
(the salesgirl was looking the scene with a big smile on her lips)

" you..but I'm not sure, and..."

"Now the final touch, up your head, honey"

without an hesitation, he obeyed to the aunt. Stephen felt a little tickling on his head, keeping his eyes closed. Aunt kat applied a bit of foundation on Stephen's skin. Then Steph felt also a sprinkle of a liquid on his neck.

"What is this?" he asked opening his eyes

"Your new perfume, silly, ehehe it surely will last more than the Chloe's one!"
Aunt Kat replied showing a pink bottle called "guess girl - eau de toilette"

"Now on your wrists, rub them and enjoy, I know you're going to love this!"

“Ohhh my gaaawd! I’ve the same perfume!!” The salesgirl said smiling

Smelling himself, Stephen had a brief time of truly pleasure, reminding him all of his new experiences of the last days

"It smells....nice"
He finally said

"Great, I was sure. Now lets pay your new cute clothes and lets go!"

"Well....Thank aunt.., I'm going to change my.."

"Nonsense, Steph, you're perfect! Miss, please, can you put Stephen's old clothes in a bag for me?"

"Sure, ma'am, and please call me Lindsay...I'm a great passionate about fashion and style; I loved to help Steph...he's a lovely boy. And let me say, you're such a nice family, please come back soon!"

"Aww nice to meet you Lindsay! Me and Steph are truly grateful for your interest and help, be sure, we will meet here again really soon!.......Steph?"

"Yes....thanks Lindsay...It was a pleasure for me,  hope to meet you soon.."

"forgive him...he's a little shy"


Finally they started to go toward home. But during the whole walk Stephen felt mortified with every step. His posture has changed a bit with the new outfits. The sensation of tightness of the top and the jacket; the weight of the necklace and the rings on his fingers....all of this made him aware about how strange he would looked like for the others. Practically every person they met, looked at him for a while. But he wasn't able to sustain that gaze. He felt incredibly exposed and weak, always almost at the threshold of the tears; weird and embarassed. He couldn't believe what the hell has just happened to him, not to mention that school would be started in few days. Stephen couldn't know what was waiting for him, Try as he might he couldn’t imagine what else could happen to him.

End of chapter four

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Auntie's help Chapter 3: Dreams [sorry for the delay...I'm still here! ^^]

Auntie's Help

Ch3 - Dreams

Everything felt so vivid, strange b
Stephen's dream
ut at the same time warm and reassuring. Stephen couldn't understand where he was and not even why he felt so weird, but safe, in that extraneous reality. It was like so many flowers, feathers and many others warm and smooth things were just wrapped to his body. He could feel a new incredible sensation going thru his body, a warm beautiful fur wrapped his silky, hairless, porcelain body. Meanwhile the sweetness of a delicate fragrance slowly reached his little nose. Enjoying that sweet vanilla/floral scent, moving slowly his hand along the pretty and delicate materials surrounding his body; Stephen breathed a deep moan of pleasure. Everything was so nice, sweet, safe. But suddenly he had a brief moment of fear: where he was? Why he was enjoying all of that weird situation? Stephen tried to come out from that silky and perfumed ocean, but more he tried and more he felt weak, falling again in that strange vortex of sensations. Screaming he heard his own voice becoming more and more high and acute.

Finally he opened his eyes.

He was still wearing his pink i-pod. His new blond hair covered a part of his view. Removing a strand from his face with his embarassment, he understood that he has dirtied his boxers, as well as the smooth sheets of Chloe's bed.


Stephen at his wake up, after that strange experience

My goodness, you're still in bed! Get up Steff, let's have a good breakfast. I want you to start your hypno therapy today!

Well...but Aunt Kat, I'm still not sure that I'm ready, and...

Ohh...come on, what's wrong sweetie? We have already spoken about this, trust me it will help you much more than you could imagine. Now just get up!

said Stephen blushing a little

My're wearing your what? I've already had a daughter, honey, don't be shy now. And please, wear the clothes I've prepared for you, It's pretty cold outside.

A...a daughter?!

Uff...son, daughter...who cares? I am a mother and a good one as well, I know how to grow up a teen, that's sure. I'll wait you downstairs

Yes, Aunt Kat
Stephen replied, He didn't want be in a wrangle for first thing in his day.

Here you are! How these clothes fit on you?

I...thanks Aunt Kat, them fit me pretty well...thank you to have bought them for me..

Actually Stephen didn't feel so comfortable in that clothing. Sure, nothing too extreme, but his aunt choices were a little bit different than the Stephen ones.
For first the sweater was a bit too decorated for Stephen's taste, and It feels very smooth, like some kind of precious tissue like cachemire or something. The pants were very far from the "baggy" style that Stephen has so appreciated in past.
A tiny snow hat, in the same tissue of the sweater, kept warm his head and his new haircut in order, except for that blonde tuft above his forehead and eyes.
But the worst thing were the shoes, they were too similar the ugg boots that many girls would like to try. But also in this case, a wool smooth tissue was covering the shoes.

Trying to ignore his clothing and the embarrassing memory of his "wet" dream, Stephen sat to eat what aunt Kat called breakfast: a tiny bowl of what seemed some kind of dietetic cereals, and a glass of a strange fruity juice.

Aunt...well, usually I have a little bit more nutritious breakfast

Like what?

eh..I don't know...pancakes, egg, bacon...stuff like these

No way. I'm sorry but until you live with me you will have to follow my way on alimentation. That means an healthy diet. No more fries, chocolate and others trashy foods. I think it will not a big deal, and you will thank me when you'll see the effects on your shape.

Mhh...well, ok Aunt Kat..

Now I'm going to prepare our session in my studio, I'll call you when we will be ready.


Stephen in his new outfits, before his first session

Finished his breakfast, Stephen went outside for a while, sitting not too far from the main door. He took some time to think about his new situation and life with aunt Kat.
Perhaps he wasn't the best son as he could...but he really deserved all of that?
He was in new city, without any friend, in a new house living with a truly severe and exigent aunt. Too many changings for him, he was scared, and the constant embarassment wasn't a big help.... his new androgynous look, those clothes, that girly room...that orrible hair...

We're ready Steff, please join me into my studio!
Aunt Kat said stopping suddenly all of Stephen's thoughts

Stephen has never been in his Aunt's studio. Many degrees and titles were on the walls and tons of books were in every angle. But the general atmosphere was relaxing, the lights were soft and a soft couch was in front of the aunt's armchair; on the opposite was there was a rather big monitor screening a lot of colors and light effects.

Don't worry Steff, and get comfortable on the couch.
Aunt Kat said

silently Stephen got himself on the leather couch

Now listen me, Steff, what are we going to do here is all for you and your life. We're going only to analize and eventually solve your problems. There's nothing to be worry about, just relax yourself and listen my words carefully. Do you understand?

Yes Aunt...I'm ready..
Stephen said with a little thrill in his voice

Well, let's start.

Now I want you to close your eyes, you're going to open them again when you will be ready. But for first I want you to relax, let out all of your thoughts. Your mind is supposed to be a blank table in this step. You think you can do it?

Yes, Aunt, I'll try...
Stephen replied closing his eyes, looking for a confortable position on the couch

Good boy, now focus your mind and body only on my words. I'm going to count from one to five. Just relax yourself and follow me.

one, take a deep breathe

two, let off all of your worries

three, you're now in a safe place, you feel yourself more and more comfortable

four, all what you need is to hear my voice, you're tired now

five, from now on you will follow what I'm saying, focus on it as best as you can




the weird pic that Stephen believed to have seen on the monitor

A clear clap sound awaked Stephen from his deep sleep

so...when we will start?

We have already finished, Steff

truly confused Stephen take a look around and, for a brief moment, he believed to has seen a pink image or writing on the monitor, in the dark of the room.
But lowering his eyes with extreme embarrassing he saw an erection thru his pants.

I...I'm sorry Aunt Kat...I..

Ohh don't worry about it, hun, It's pretty normal after the first sessions. So then, tell me, how do you feel?

Oh...well...I'm ok, Aunt, I guess...

Indeed, Steff, indeed. Not that bad after all, right?

Yeah...not that bad...


It was late afternoon, and still confused Stephen went to his new room. Strangely he found himself a bit more comfortable entering there. He felt the room much more as something familiar and safe. Finally he sank on the bed, hoping to not have another strange dream.

End of chapter three

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Auntie's help Chapter 2: First Approach

Auntie's Help

Ch2 - First Approach

The days passed quickly one after the other, fortunately, the stephen's stunt has been almost filed: a group of several incredibly expensive lawyers, paid by the Hilton's family have saved the young Stephen from all of the indictments. But apart this, life for Steph wasn't surely easy, in house the stress with his mother was heavy. Margaret, in according with her ex-husband, decided to forbid to Stephen see his friends and just to leave the house. The guy was angry but also ashamed for that trouble, actually thinking to sit with his mother to have a deal, trying to explain his reasons; when Margaret suddenly enter in his bedroom.
There were shouts, debates and maybe some tears; but finally Stephen was forced to accept the fact that his entire life would be moved to his aunt's house, on the exactly opposite coast.


Still little upset from the flight, with a pretty sad kind of loneliness sensation, Stephen was heading to his aunt Kaitlin, which was greeting him shaking her arms. Wrapped in an elegant tailleur, she immediately hugged her nephew kissing his cheek.

"You're still the little angel kid who I remembered, You're not grew up so much, don't you?"

"yeah...thanks aunt Kaitlin, I guess... Also you are well.."

"Come'on lets take your luggage and go home, we have many things to talk about, I'm sure you will enjoy these next months!"


The trip in car was silent and embarrassing for Stephen, He didn't know really his aunt. Those few times when he saw her, Kaitlin was severe, silent, almost distant; not exactly the sympathetic aunt in his family. But now she was pretty kind and helpful with him. The quiet was interrupted by Kaitlin's speeches.

"Well, know I'm always glad to spend time with you, to know how your life is going. But this time, things would be rather different. Your mother Told me you have a problem, more than one even and in these next days we're going to work on these together. You're mother are afraid for you and for where your choices could lead your young life, and I agree with her..."

"Problem...don't you think you're just exaggerating a little bit? I mean, yeah...I've done a mistake, but it is not a big deal I think, shit happens. I  have to go ahead..."

“Don't use that language with me, boy! For many things I'm much more susceptible than your mother, take it seriously! Anyway...what I'm saying.. well, from now on you have to live just like my son would, that means rules to follow, proving respect to me and the help I want to give you. I don't want to sound petulant and testy, but before you learn this and before we can enjoy our living together. It's all clear, Stephen?”

"yeah...and I'm sorry but..."

"Oh, and in addition I'm just planning some therapy sessions where you can be easily able to define and solve your situation, step by step." Aunt Kaitlin said, breaking off Stephen upping her hand.”


The new Stephen's room
School was still far from start and the first week run fast. But with his surprise, Stephen was actually settled in the Chloe's room instead in the usual guests's room. His new bedroom was definitely feminine: fur pillows, floral images on the walls, pinky color and zebra prints everywhere...Stephen was embarrassed. How if one of his friends saw him living in that girly room? Stephen tried to ask to his aunt, if maybe he could move into the guest room..

"No way, Steph, you're going to stay here with me for more than one weekend. And that room has every thing and confort that you need. Stop your silly macho baloney and try to be an adult for one time!"

With this and many other situations, Stephen started to learn how his future months could be. Forcing himself to follow and seemed agree with any stupid and weird rule of his aunt. He couldn't hang out without his aunt's authorization, He couldn't use his pc or watch tv except for one hour once a day, for money he had to ask to his aunt and possibly justify why he needed it, and  moreover he surely couldn't use his skateboard any more. His stress was enough to lead him to have insonmia problems, then when he told this to his aunt; she gave him an old Chloe's I-pod filled with some relaxing tracks to help him to sleep.

The I-pod that Kaitlin gave to Stephen
He started soon to use that music, and apart the strangeness of those songs (that sounds like a muffled suave voice talking constantly) he was glad to return to sleep well. 


The next day, during a kind of vegetarian lunch, Stephen asked to aunt Kaitlin:

"ehm..aunt Kaitlin, I'm here from two weeks adn, well...I guess I need and hair cut, could you give me the money for that...please?"

" sounds like this little punk boy wants finally to be presentable! I was wondering when you would have wanted do it"


"You don't need money, I have a friend who has a barber-shop at the mall, just 30 mins of car from here. And for today I have also several issues to do there. We can go together, well?

"Yes, aunt, glad to hear it..."


That afternoon, they went to the mall. And with afraid of him, Stephen saw that that wasn't exactly a "barber-shop", would be more correct call it a "salon" or kind of. Even though his reticences - "Nonsense, Steph, Tiff is one of my oldest friends, she is a great professional with the best sense of style I've ever seen!" -  aunt and nephew crossed the doors of "Dama's", that's the name of that salon.

"OH-MY-GOD!" thrilled Tiffany as she saw Kaitlin entering in her boutique. "You're gorgeous as always, darling! And he should be your little Stephen, isn't that true? He's cute just like you said! Come on, sweetie, lets go to work, we have much to do with you!"

Little? Cute? Work? Aunt Kaitlin has already talked to her about me?! What's going on here? A more and more nervous Stephen thought.

He was leaded to a red luxurious chair near the sinks. While Tiffany and Kaitlin was talking and joking Stephen take a look at that place. Everything had a sophisticated and elegant look, and most of clients there was girls or fashionable ladies. Why the hell he was sitting on that chair?
But before he could say anything, Aunt Kaitlin left the store, saying "I'll be here in two hours, maybe even less. I left you in such talented hands" smiling at Tiffany "Just remember to be a good boy!"

From there, in few minutes, Tiffany was washing up Stephen's hair with some incredibly scented products; telling him: "there we are, sweetie, I know all about you, Kat told me so much about you! Just the rebellious kinda punk city boy, eheh I know the type! But let me say, I love your hair as well as your face, you have so much potential! Anyway, have you already thought about what to do with these beautiful hair?"

"Mh...thank you...well, nothing special I guess, not to different from now...just a trim here and there.."

"Get it, some volume and shape work! And, can i suggest you something, honey?"


"well, like, with your facial features I think you should valorise these gorgeous hair even if they are shorts such as yours, I've here a new product able to give more...mmh shiny brilliance, in order to have more emphasis on this. What do you think?

"mmh it isn't something too radical, right?"

"Not at all, honey; I told you, just more brightness"

"well...yeah..I guess"

"All right baby! so, make yourself confortable, lets go to start, honey!"

Stephen worn the Chloe's headphones, starting slowly to fall in sleep.


At his awakening He saw Tiffany removing some weird transparent stripes from his head.

The model picture, her cut is actually pretty similar to the one which Stephen has
Looking around, He asked
"where's the mirror?"

"Oh, welcome back, honey! No mirror for now, It is supposed to be a surprise!"

"but...wait, what is that pics there?"

"What? Oh..this, It's only the model from who I'm inspiring, Honey"

"No..but...She's a girl! I don't want a girl haircut!!"

"pff..calm down, honey! I know all of your teenage styles, this kinds of punk-emo cuts are unisex"


"What? I'm afraid It's too late, honey. Don't worry, just let me finish with few snips and there we go"

Stephen was pretty nervous when finally Tiffany bring back the mirror.
He was blocked for a brief minute, staring himself. Tiffany has given to him a pretty androgynous haircut, feminine in more than one way. His hair weren't been cutted so much and the result was a kind of pixie cut that framed his delicate face with a pretty wisp/bangs on one side of his face. But the worst part was that the new "product" of Tiffany has actually given him a bright bleach blondysh color to his hair. If before, Stephen wasn't surely the "manliness portrait", now he has a feminine androgynous style. Not still girlysh, but no to far from.

"So..?" Tiffany asked cheerfully


In that moment Kaitlin entered

"Wow Steph! You look so nice, stylish I guess! Great job Tif, you were right...He's simply adorable!"

"It was a pleasure, Kat, He was already a beautiful model!"

"Well, now we have to go, Stephen, take your stuff, thanks again Tiff!"

near the exit, Kaitlin suddenly grabbed Stephen's arm

"how do you say, Steph?"

"I...Thank you Tiffany..."


"I love my hair, thanks to you..."

"well done, good boy, well Tiff, we'll probably meet again really soon. Thank you for your help!"

End of chapter two

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Auntie’s help Chapter 1: Family Matters

The "little" Hilton's house

Auntie's Help

Ch1 - Family Matters

For the Hiltons, last years haven't been so easy, not since Mr. Hilton has divorced from his wife, leaving not only his house but also his 17 years old son, Stephen. No economic issue, at least: to Margaret (Stephen's mother) and his son remained that incredibly huge house in east LA and however Margaret has always been an hard worker; co-founder of one of the biggest advertising agency of the city, Ms.  Hilton, wanted barely accept the maintenance allowances by his ex-husband. Certainly we cannot say that Margaret Hilton wasn't a good mother, or that she wasn't able to take care of her son nevertheless, in the last times, things with Stephen started to be tricky. Her work and the divorce has pushed her into more issues than she expected. Her days were more and more busy now. "I'm starting to miss him" she happened to think looking at his only son, while holding his skateboard, Stephen left the house without say even one word to her. "It is my fault?...what did I wrong with him, he really hates me so much?"


Stephen Hilton
Stephen Hilton was a quite normal boy as many others, he had blond straight hair long enough to seem the skater/punk rebellious type. Although he has always been shorter and skinnier compared to other guys of his age, and this has been a kind of problem for him, especially at school. We could say that the blossoming of manliness has been a little in late, for him. But in that moment Stephen hadn't the will and time to think about that, the only Stephen's desire was to find enough money to go away, away from his mother, away from that stupid house and from that boring life. Where? It wasn't important , the point was to leave that rich and hypocritical life, search his own way, meet new people, do what he want. For all of these kind of "teenagers" issues, unfortunately, Stephen chose the wrong way. Meeting new people from the "underground" LA, he started to be what we could call a little "drug dealer. Sure it was only weed, and in very low quantity and only for people he knew. But this situation led Stephen to a weird serial of coincidences which will led him to future events that he would never has thought.


Everything has started that Friday.

"That's enough, Steph, get up off your bed NOW!" these was the first words that Stephen, still with his eyes closed, has heard that morning.

"Oh come on mom, let me sleep...what's going on?"

"And you've the brave to ask me,, Me and your father have given you all...all you have desired! And for what? to be always tricked behind our back?"

" calm down, I've no idea about what are you talking about!!"

That Rick...or Nick or whatever, that stupid friend of yours, the police has catched him for possession and selling of drug!! Margaret have had to stop for a brief moment, she was out of her mind. At the same time Stephen's thoughts started to swirl in his mind: what, Rick, could have told about him? Surely the police have interrogated him, but...

"Police says that you could be involved, they're analyzing the evidences right now. Steph...look at me, is that true?"

With a trilling tone in his voice, Stephen replied
"Mom, I' was only a little bit of weed, I mean...nothing serious at all! It's just that...

"My God, Stephen..."

"Jesus, mom... don't look at me like this, I've told you....only several smoking evenings with my friends. Do I look like a drug dealer?

"I do not know what to say, Steph, we...we are a family, you've never had money trouble! Holy God, why do you have done something like this to me? - Margaret was close to the tears.

Even though all of his feelings about his mother and his family, the young Stephen just couldn't see his mother in that state. He just had not any single word to justify himself. He continued to stay silent, looking at the carpet below his feet.


"I just don't know what to do now, Kat! I've finished the I such a bad mother?" Margaret was talking with her sister Kaitlin Fuller Smith. Kaitlin was a successful psychologist resident in the New York area. Unlike many sisters, Margaret and Kaitlin have always been close. In the last years the Margaret's calls have been more steady, creating a kind of therapist-patient relationship where Marg could vent herself, and Kat could keep in touch with her family.

"You're not, Marg, believe me teenagers are the worst thing to being a parent, I've already passed on trouble like this...remember, with my Chloe?"

"Ohh..but it was completely different, Chloe has always been such a delicious girl!"

"Just don't let me talk about her first loves...or that terrible last year at high school, and that damn prom dance!"

"You know, sometimes I think that I would prefer to have those problems. But this...this is on another planet...Holy Jesus, drug dealing!!"

"Maybe I should talk to him"

"And the worst part is that I actually don't know how to do with my work. There's this new advertising campaign that is going to start next week, I'm the director, you know... But I'll have to quit, to keep an eye on Stephen especially during this shitty situation about the drugs..."

"Oh...and yes, as if that wasn't enough, if the police investigations will go ahead, surely, the school is going to expel Stephen"

"I have an idea! why don't you let Stephen come to me, to stay for some time? The house is so big since Chloe went to college, I my job I've already had to do with other difficult teen, maybe I can help him."

"Yeah..maybe you could help him. But Kat, you know...his friends and all of his things are here, and in addition he has to finish the school..."

"Marg, listen to me, the friends that he has are the same that probably are leaded him where he is now. And then, he's young, after all, I'm sure he'll find new friends also here. And for the school, remains few semesters, and don't have you talked about a prospective expulsion? We can enroll him on a good school here, and a change of air can help him, I'm sure"

"Well..should be only some months, and maybe stay far from LA could be good, after all...You really would do so, Kat?"

"Sure! I would be happy to spend some time with my nephew. Perhaps he could be little worried about my severe rules. But when He'll return you'll barely recognize him!"

"Oh my've saved my family, I think you're the best sister indeed!"

"mhh, well, I'm definetely agree, darling! ahahah"


End of chapter one

created and written

Auntie's help - a new TG captioned story is coming

Hi at all of you, sweeties!
I'm afraid most of you will be bored by this post, since there will not be new captions, not at the moment.
Anyway, this is supposed to be a sort of "pre-production" post on my next story.
Just to let you know about what this new work will be. After my first approach to captioning, with Alex's story; I've understood that to post only captioned images isn't enough, or at least not enough to write stories which I'd like to. Too many issues, while working on Alex's captions, has pushed me to try a new way to tell you this new story.
Practically, in next days, I'm going to create posts that have caption, yes surely, but also a longer written section that I hope will match well with the classic images and captions. A change like this maybe will be kinda annoying for who, previously, has enjoyed my captions... because maybe most of you, usually prefer stories more quick to read accompanied by pics in the same caption panel. But, on the other hand, this allow me to go much more deeply into the story, into all of the characters, their thoughts and tons of other stuff.

But probably, right now, you're just wondering about what this story is going to be. Well, with no spoilers, I can say that this new plot will be more focused on the "forced" aspect of the feminization. So.. prepare yourself to some pretty humiliating situations where the acceptance factor, if it will arrive, will arrive really late. The story is going to talk about a boy, our protagonist, which has a little tricky past and both of his parents aren't able to take care of him. Thus, they force their son to move to his aunt's house, and live with her for several months.

Well...I know, rather banal plot, but I always loved story about situations like this. And It's time to try to write my own now...maybe focusing more on the aspect I've always liked.
As Always the story is going to proceed in a pretty slow way, in order to let you to see and understand also the smallest evolutions and changes in the character's life and in his mind.

Another last thing, and will be all. I've opened this pages from about only one week, I guess. And I've been truly shocked to see how many of you have been interested to read my silly and stupid works on here! Almost 10.000 visits so far...incredible; I want only to thank all of you!! I'm glad to know that many of you have choosen to use a little bit of your time for me and what I love to write about!

10.000 thanks and kisses
Your sweet Steffy