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Auntie's help Chapter 4: Mall Experience

Auntie's Help

Ch3 - Mall Experience

Months passed one after another. And Stephen started to be used to all of those new things in his life: the therapy sessions with his aunt, the strange vitamin pills she gave him, the tapes on the ipod that he always listened before going to bed, his new room, the continue rules of the aunt, and above all: the loneliness. With the hypnosis, session by session, he started to feel more and more comfortable with that new life, kinda enjoying some times; almost without being aware of all the little changes he was going through. But Even though he has spent several months of his new life, he barely knew other people except for his aunt, who claimed to be also his "friend". But that wasn't enough and he was counting the days to the new school start, even with a little fear for what the classmates were going to think about him.

It was the late morning when finally he woke up, after taking few minutes to put in order "his" room, made his bed gently stroking the pink silk sheets as Aunt Kat has taught him; He went to the bathroom for a shower. 

Without think so much, instinctively, he took all of Chloe's bath products. For first he used a pink bottle of a vanilla perfumed shampoo on his silky blonde hair. For some reason he absolutely enjoyed that scent, keeping his eyes closed he felt the warm water running on his skinny body. With a pleased moan he took the next bottle, filling his skin with that dense liquid. After some minutes of pure pleasure, with an erection, he came out of the shower. And after he has dried his body and his longysh hair, in a brief moment he realize what he has just done. His hair was already dye blond with a pixie-like cut, now they were silky and smooth, he smelled like a girl and moreover his body was hairless from his eyes down!! With his heart beating crazy, he ran again into the shower: the bubble bath was actually an hair removal scented product! Again at the mirror he took another look at himself, with embarassment he admitted that he look....well, pretty, cute in more than one way. Still a boy, but an androgynous, delicate and feminine one. But he couldn't stop himself...the feminine perfume was insistently in his nose, his naughty wisp was tickling his forehead...the sweet sensation of his hairless thigs rubbing each other; everything felt so nice and weird. Just like in his strange dream.

With a little blush on his cheeks, he use his i-phone to take a few selfie of himself at the mirror. This only stupid thing made him so weird and embarrassed in that situation. Stephen has always thought at the selfies as a stupid kids thing, or girls at least. But in that moment he needed these, he needed to see himself in a mirror, to pose like a silly girly teen, smiling and trying on several different clothes. His little hand started to stroke his silky body...moving toward his pelvis...

*knock knock knock*

"Steph?! are you there? We have to go to the mall, remember?"
Aunt Kat said, knocking at the door

"Ah...yeah, like...I'm almost ready, Aunt!"

"Don't waste too time! You really need a new wardrobe before school starts, It's rather cold here!

"I know aunt...just..I'm coming, wait me downstairs!"

After Aunt Kaitlin left, Stephen took a deep breathe...
What the hell was he doing before?!
There was something wrong in him, or at least he felt like this.


" seems like someone has developed a good taste about perfumes here!"
Aunt kat said with a little smile, while she was driving to the mall

"what?! Oh...well, no know, the shower...I..I just.."

"you've finally discovered the Chloe's stock ehehe he has had always kind of obsession for those things, you have a great taste, just like her!"

" was just there....and without a thought I took her things and..."

"So what about your skin?"

He suddenly looked at his hairless skinny arms, blushing and lowering his gaze
"I.. thought it was...a normal bubblebath..."

"Steph, honey, you don't have to justify yourself with me. There's nothing wrong to want to be a little bit more pretty afterall"

"..." Stephen was just too embarassed

"I bet you feel yourself more confortable now, and you like your scent. We can also buy some products and things for your own, now"

"I'm not so sure....Aunt"

"aww just don't think about it, I'm here to help you, we're a family now, remember honey?"

"yes aunt...thank you"


At the mall they went for first in several teen clothing shops, there Aunt Kat always advised Stephen about what style would fit him better. For some weird reason He wasn't able to argue or to be in disagree with the aunt's choices. He just accepted what she said and what she wanted him to wear. All of those outfit were rather androgynous, not really feminine but surely tight and stylish much more than normal boys clothing. After that, leaving the shop they passed near to one "Forever 21" shop.

"Aww lovely memories here! It was the Chloe's favourite shop, so many time I came here to buy gift and things for her, come on let's take a look here!"
She said, holding his hand, leading him at the store

After almost 20 minutes there, it was clearly that they were in an only-girls clothing store
"Ohh...I've forgot to go to Sephora, I need some things from there. Meanwhile wait me here, hun, and take a look"
Aunt Kat said, and after a brief kiss on his cheek she went.

Rubbing his cheek with an hand, Stephen started to wondering why his aunt was so kind with him that day. Thought about it for a minute and he realized that he had no wrangle with his aunt from a long time...that was weird.

"Found something cute for you?"

Confused, Stephen upped his eyes to see a pretty sales girl, looking at him with an interrogative expression

"You seem doubtful, may I help you with those leggins?"

He realized that he was in front of a leggins/skinny pants rack

"Yeah! Or maybe you prefere skinny jeans...but with your legs...well, I advice you leggins eheh"

" thanks..I'm not used to wear those, and I've had enough shopping for today..." He replied with his cheek blushing fire red

"You're kidding? Never used a leggins with your could be a model, let me help you, I've the perfect outfit for you"

"I don't know.."

"Trust me, I'll make you stunning as hell!"

"I...I'm n..."
Stephen tried hard to say something, to oppose himself...
But he was only able to say:
", ok, just only one try...but nothing know...too girly.."

"ooh no problem, it's called "metrosexual", nothing too extreme, just more stylish for a beauty like you! So let's start with.....




After some minute, Stephen was standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room.
He has never been more embarassed, and excited,that in that moment. At least he worn still his old all-star shoes, and fortunately he he managed to convince the sales girl to try on only a little bit skinny jeans...not a leggins. But looking at himself in the mirror...everything screamed feminine, girly, gay and stuff. His outfit included: a pure white long top, pretty tight to be honest; a short decorated leather jacket that has no zip, only several buttons with an only decorative purpose, the jacket sleeves ends almost at his elbows...leaving free his delicate and hairless arms. As accessories he worn long black necklace that showed up on his white top/shirt; a little and simple bracelet on his right wrist; several decorated and pretty feminine rings on his both hands fingers, and finally a little black girly bag decorated with tiny studs.

"Ehm...are you ready? There's your mother here"

"Steph, honey, come on, show me what you have found here, then we're ready to go"

Oh my god...ho my god....that's, that's a nightmare!! Stephen thought while he started to exit from the dressing room on his trembling legs.

After an incredibly long moment of silence, Stephen said

"so, do I look...?"
while, strangely, his voice seemed a little bit more acute and high
"My god, Steph! I'm so proud of look incredible!"
Aunt Kat almost screamed, holding him in a warm hug

" think so...aunt?"

"Sure I do!! I've told you thousand times to put away those orrible baggy clothes of yours...and now you're ready to be perfect...stylish!"

"I agree, much better now!"
(the salesgirl was looking the scene with a big smile on her lips)

" you..but I'm not sure, and..."

"Now the final touch, up your head, honey"

without an hesitation, he obeyed to the aunt. Stephen felt a little tickling on his head, keeping his eyes closed. Aunt kat applied a bit of foundation on Stephen's skin. Then Steph felt also a sprinkle of a liquid on his neck.

"What is this?" he asked opening his eyes

"Your new perfume, silly, ehehe it surely will last more than the Chloe's one!"
Aunt Kat replied showing a pink bottle called "guess girl - eau de toilette"

"Now on your wrists, rub them and enjoy, I know you're going to love this!"

“Ohhh my gaaawd! I’ve the same perfume!!” The salesgirl said smiling

Smelling himself, Stephen had a brief time of truly pleasure, reminding him all of his new experiences of the last days

"It smells....nice"
He finally said

"Great, I was sure. Now lets pay your new cute clothes and lets go!"

"Well....Thank aunt.., I'm going to change my.."

"Nonsense, Steph, you're perfect! Miss, please, can you put Stephen's old clothes in a bag for me?"

"Sure, ma'am, and please call me Lindsay...I'm a great passionate about fashion and style; I loved to help Steph...he's a lovely boy. And let me say, you're such a nice family, please come back soon!"

"Aww nice to meet you Lindsay! Me and Steph are truly grateful for your interest and help, be sure, we will meet here again really soon!.......Steph?"

"Yes....thanks Lindsay...It was a pleasure for me,  hope to meet you soon.."

"forgive him...he's a little shy"


Finally they started to go toward home. But during the whole walk Stephen felt mortified with every step. His posture has changed a bit with the new outfits. The sensation of tightness of the top and the jacket; the weight of the necklace and the rings on his fingers....all of this made him aware about how strange he would looked like for the others. Practically every person they met, looked at him for a while. But he wasn't able to sustain that gaze. He felt incredibly exposed and weak, always almost at the threshold of the tears; weird and embarassed. He couldn't believe what the hell has just happened to him, not to mention that school would be started in few days. Stephen couldn't know what was waiting for him, Try as he might he couldn’t imagine what else could happen to him.

End of chapter four

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  1. Good afternoon CandiS:
    It was another delightful surprise to come home and find Chapter Four before I run away for the weekend. You are amazing. After all that the Aunt has done, you drop him off in a teen clothing store, alone. Lindsay seems quite persuasive and I hope they meet when school begins. Or before. All Steph needs are little bumpers to push out her chest and Steffie will fit in well.
    A beautiful addition to your story. Are you drawing from personnal ecperience>
    More please !
    You are a talent.


    1. Hiya Lee, always a sweet surprise to read your feedbacks as well; it could seem a silly thing, but it is not at all! I'm so proud to have a steady reader on here, who's always so kind and nice such as you. And well...I have more than one point in common with Steph (besides the name, obviously); those are only few signs and references about me and my experiences that, maybe, in some cases could be more or less evident...but I'm glad to see that you have noticed this ;) experience wasn't so..."coerced" or "forced" oriented, But I passed through most, embarassing and "weird" situations, in some ways like Stephen, sure. So yes; Auntie's help included some of my personal experiences; but it's not represent a 100% true description of me and my life. In addition, for the story, I just don't want to spoil the surprise...but I may say that you probably will be...satisfied, with the next chapters!
      Anyway, remember to tell me every crits and advice about the story, my way to write, my english and everything you want...I'm pretty open minded, I guess, and I would appreciate to know your opinion for this and future chapters/stories, you improve my works a little bit more.
      Wish you a lovely weekend,


    2. Dear Ms. Keira:
      I am sure that there are others beside myself that find your stories and other offerings as special respite from the daily grind. I knew that as I journeyed homeward this evening, that I would find a lovely and endearing response from you. Well, I am safely home. Laundry in and shower done. Glass in hand with the ruby nectar of my favorite petite shiraz. Only then was I ready for your words.
      It pleases me to no end that my words are a pleasure to you. I noticed above that from my sending to your response was almost exactly twelve hours. I assume that between you and I there are seven time zones. In any event, Good Morning, M'Lady. I hope you slept well.
      As for me, I find little to ctitique. You write well and have an interesting twist to your work. Usually your writing is not too bad with respect to your English. Sometimes it is better than others. Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself. I have not read others being critical.
      Your wish of a lovely weekend must have left your lips and ridden on Angels wings. It was a wonderful weekend. Better than expected. The rains stayed away. And a fine time was had by all. Thank you.
      I hope your weekend was at least as fruitful. Did Steffie shine? Spread her wings and show the world how beautiful she truly is? You know you deserve it.

      I look forward to your next chapter. Whatever it is it will be grand. Just write what you know and let your talent flow.
      W/warmest thoughts
      P.S. I am saving all of your kisses.

  2. Another great chapter! I love how unlike many caption blogs, you take the time needed to display the thoughts of the character, as well as the slow transition rather than a sudden one. Thank you for taking your time to read my comments and respond. I can't wait to read chapter 5 Steff!

    1. Thank you, Ryan;
      And please no thanks needed; to read and understand what you all think about what I'm trying to do here is one of the best parts in managing a blog. I'm always glad to know your opinion, that's a great motivation for me ;)
      Usually most of people interested in captioning and mtf fictions, prefer to read about a much more quick evolution of the plot; and, of course, the transformation...maybe more focused on the "naughty" side of the feminization. Well...I love that too, but reading stories and captions I've always got the sensation that some aspects need more time to be displayed and explained well. And this is exactly what I want to do here with my stories and stuff, sure I'm a newbie in this world, and I've so much to learn about storytelling and other tons of stuff; but I want to try anyway! And let me say, I'm truly happy to have met a person, like you, who has my same tastes for that!
      Tnx for you lovely support,


  3. I hope everything has been ok. I have missed reading your stories. I'm looking forward to your next chapter

  4. This story is wonderful, I simply can't wait for the next chapter. I guess it's extra captivating for me sharing the same name ... LOL. Thank you for posting it for us to enjoy xx
    Steffie x

  5. I love this story. Cant wait for the next chapter. I hope all is well.

  6. Hey, tnx all for your support :) It's everything ok, the fact is that I had (and I have right now) a really busy time in these last months, I'm so sorry...but I want to write when I've enough time to be really focused on the story. I'll try to do my best to be back as soon as I can!

    Steffy :)